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“Our services can be used in modules or combined to create a scalable, optimized, social and mobile recruiting platform.”


OptiJob services continually evolve. At the core of our services, we are proud of offering the first search engine optimization technology platform for jobs. Our technology optimizes our clients' career centers and available jobs faster than anything out there. Deployed in as little as 24 hours, our staff gains the time to concentrate on the important part; monitoring results to see where we can make adjustments. As we monitor search positions and traffic levels, we focus on Social Media and the Mobile Web. We strive to make your company a likable employment brand that is worthy of sharing your story with others. Our services are separate but extremely productive when used together. ROI has always been the measure of success, as it should be. Our extensive analytic dashboard gives our clients real-time access to every aspect of their interactive recruiting platforms. You see what we see, and we work with you to insure your success.

OptiJob SEO Search


Wikipedia calls it "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO). SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Sounds kind of boring, right? In fact, it also sounds difficult and possibly expensive. It's not difficult, just expensive…just kidding. The truth is, it's somewhat difficult if you don't know what you are doing. If someone says "you can't do it yourself" they don't know what they're talking about. Anyone in the Human Resource field is intelligent enough to understand the concepts, strategies and practices of SEO. Although it's not exactly rocket science, SEO can be a long arduous process that does take some cool technology, experience and expertise, lots of data, and constant monitoring. It's the kind of stuff your company, especially your HR and Talent Acquisition teams, don't have the time to focus on. But, SEO for your career center and jobs can tremendously increase the quality and quantity of potential applicants to your own career center. Getting started is easy and over time this strategy will let you collect valuable intelligence on the strength of your employment brand, your position on the major Search Engines and how we can make it stronger. Once you have a solid SEO foundation, you can leverage Social Media, Mobile Devices and even custom mobile applications all from one place; the OptiJob Recruitment Marketing Platform.

OptiJob Social Media

Social Media

No doubt, Social Media has created the most effective recruiting tool we have ever experienced, but do you really have time to manage a full-scale social media recruiting strategy? OptiJob helps you build an audience using content you already maintain to interact with your audience and create a simple, yet effective messaging strategy. An audience today is where you will fill tomorrow's jobs.


To leverage Social Media, your organization needs to be active participants in the sharing of your corporate story, jobs and career paths. However, OptiJob has eliminated the work of integrating social media into your current recruiting plans with our simplified social recruiting platform. OptiJob manages the process so you can stay focused on the fun part, the part you're good at, the people.

OptiJob Mobil Platforms


We're mobile! We've been waiting on this for a decade but Mobile recruiting tools have always lacked an engaging user experience. Now with OptiJob's custom recruiting apps, which include social media integration, the sky's the limit.


Social Media and Mobile are like peas and carrots and peanut butter and jelly, one just isn't the same without the other. Did you know over 60% of social media activity is conducted via mobile devices? Yeah, that's what we said. Never before has there been an opportunity to connect from so many points of contact. The opportunity is clear and the path is easy with OptiJob's mobile recruiting and social media and mobile sourcing platform. As your mobile recruiting partner, OptiJob creates, hosts and monitors your mobile career portal. We then develop custom mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices to help you build your mobile audience.


"Thank you for all the help with our SEO jobs micro-site. You and your developers have been super accommodating and provided the level of service that one comes to expect from an industry leader. OptiJob is an amazing tool to advertise jobs and is necessary for anyone looking to advance their recruiting efforts."

Nicholas T
Talent Acquisition Global Coordinator
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Introvert or Extravert, both will enjoy the simplified approach of effective processes. Keeping things simple, no secrets in great relationships.

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Let’s find out together! Analytics is at the center of our strategies and always will be. Would you hike the Amazon without a map?

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We would never be so bold if we didn’t have the intelligence to back us up. Competitive Intelligence is out there and we know where to get it.

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