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OptiJob Process

“Our processes are designed and based on the daily routine of hiring managers, recruiters and human resources in mind.”293


Our process is meant to be as simple as possible; engaging, educational and productive, but not a distraction or interference. We created our process with the daily routine of hiring managers, recruiters and human resource professionals in mind. The last thing anyone needs is more work, more headaches and more stress. Your goals are established early on in our relationship. Based on those goals we adhere to a plan guided by key performance metrics. No secrets, no flash (unless you want it) and certainly no wasted time blowing smoke.

OptiJob Plan Process

Process Plan Step One

What good is a long term strategy without first developing a well thought out plan of attack? Of course each plan will differ somewhat, but execution remains the same. We ask a lot of questions and we listen until we understand your organization's needs and challenges. Everyone on our staff, except Homer (our office mascot), have backgrounds in Human Resources and recruiting processes, so we know all too well what you're going through. Too many options, no proof, not enough time, budget constraints and unrealistic timelines. Oh and did we mention not enough time? Our clients have said they enjoy an outside perspective and our simplified approach to meeting their goals. The bottom line is, we are your partner. We specialize in leveraging your brand and current resources to create a steady source of qualified candidates. Today, more than ever, companies need that human touch to compete. We give you more time to work with the human part of Human Resources. We follow a simple plan created by you, based on your goals.


Why complicate and confuse?  The plan is simple:


  1. Listen
  2. Listen some more
  3. Prepare
  4. Review
  5. Deploy
  6. Celebrate

In the end, our job is to make you comfortable and confident so you can trust us with this aspect of your business. We try to take all the risk out of your decision to work with us. Complicated and confusing scream RISKY! Simple, understandable and proof? Not so risky. Our goal is to have long term, loyal and supportive clients. Open communication and trust are the key components to reach that goal!


OptiJob Action Process

Action Process Step Two

Once we all get comfy with the plan, we get to work. We build a customized web crawler to extract job content from your corporate site. We then assist you (for all about 5 minutes) to create a sub-domain or purchase a new URL for the search optimized career center to reside. We develop your search engine optimized career center to mirror the functionality of your current corporate website. Each job posting and landing page URL is then optimized and formatted for search engine performance. When all is completed successfully, the site moves through QA and in the queue for launch. In most cases, this process is completed in less than 48 hours!

OptiJob Launch Process

Launch Process Step 3

Once we have done our job and completed our homework, the launch is the easiest part of the integration process, but not one we take lightly. Nothing is launched without going through a comprehensive QA phase. This ensures the job content is correct, site structure is search optimized, the user interface and all associated links are working properly and social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is complete. Client approval is the final step before the OptiJob site is released into the wild world of search and social recruiting.


"OptiJob has helped Gulfstream reach many passive applicants by making our jobs appear in search results on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Additionally, the customer service that OptiJob provides is outstanding!"

Shannon U
Strategic Sourcing
Gulfstream Aerospace


number of purchases that take place on page one of the search engines

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