Understand Your Audience

To attract and engage the hard to reach, the talent everyone wants, you need the right content.



What if we told you, you don’t have to rely on job boards anymore?

Job postings and resumes play similar roles, if not targeted to a specific audience with detailed information it’s difficult to capture anyone’s attention.

Good job postings have enough job detail to capture attention, inform prospective candidates well enough to convert them to applicants.

The best job postings have the ability to capture attention, inform and convert a potential candidate, more importantly, they capture attention from search engines.


OptiJob Job Posting Optimization is the easiest and most effective way to help you reach specific candidates in a competitive recruiting environment. There’s always someone in high demand, registered nurses, software developers, data scientists… When the competition heats up, most job postings go missing in action. That’s when we need to get a little more aggressive to give your job postings the push needed to rank ahead of the competition, those inescapable job boards.

With OptiJob OnPage, we analyze your job posting content, complete extensive keyword research and take a real good look at the competition that we’re up against.  Then we optimize every on-page element of your job posting pages to match the focus of the job and the intended target audience.

We don’t change the actual content of the job postings unless of course it’s desperately needed.  We simply reformat or optimize the jobs’ URL structures, Meta Tags (title and description), H1, H2, H3 Tags, Image Tags and Internal links at an individual level to increase search rankings to drive more job seeker traffic to your career site.

When our clients need to be more aggressive to give their jobs that extra push, OptiJob OnPage is the answer.



Job Posting URLs for Optimization
Just pick your job postings and you’re all done.


Job Posting Intent, Keyword and Competitive Research
We review the intent of your job postings, as well as, your competitors job postings to determine the best keywords to optimize for each job.


OnSite Optimization
We update the jobs’ URL structures, Meta Tags (title and description), H1, H2, H3 Tags, Image Tags and Internal links to fully optimize the job posting pages to maximize search rankings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to approve topics?

Yes! We research and validate topics that are popular in your niche that will attract your target audience and we send them to you for approval. We want to make sure we hit the nail on the head every step of the way!

Can I approve the articles?

Yes! We send you the drafts for approval each time and you can send back as many times as you’d like for edits (this rarely needs done!).

Will you post to my blog?

Yep! If we power your career site, we can post to your blog with no additional fee. We can also submit as draft if you want to check it out before we go live.

Can you write about my industry?

Yes! Our process is journalistic in nature – We investigate high quality sources for seed content and create a cohesive article based on facts, figures, and actionable advice.

Are these posts SEO optimized?

Yes 100% – These articles are crafted to bring you more traffic to your blog! This starts even from the beginning of topic validation. We look for popular topics in your niche (by number of shares, number of comments, keyword popularity, etc) to make sure what we write is going to fit before we even write the first work. If you have us post to your blog and have yoast installed (or similar seo plugin), we will optimize the post with an SEO title, description, short URL, focus keywords and more.

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