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Friends of OptiJob

“It's not a popularity contest and not an endless list of unnecessary connections, just good old fashioned friends.”

At the center of OptiJob’s philosophy is “make more friends to make more friends” to spread your recruiting message. This certainly holds true for our own business partners and industry supporters. Our friends continue to grow and consist of a number of well respected individuals and companies in the search, social media, online recruiting and advertising space. We have a number of firms that have helped us build a client base of some of the biggest names in business. Most importantly, our friends help us meet and make new friends. In turn, we do our part to refer our friends to others that they should meet. Not a popularity contest, not an endless list of unnecessary contacts, just solid connections. Give us a shout out if you think we can help each other.

Agency and OptiJob

Recruitment Advertising Agencies are certainly our friends; well, we would like them to be. Recruitment Agencies specialize in the art of helping their clients recruit more effectively by using creative recruiting strategies that most companies don't utilize. Recruitment Advertising Agencies are truly the experts when it comes to defining their client's corporate message and recruiting needs as well as the interactive recruiting tools utilized to meet those needs. OptiJob works with some of the best recruitment agencies in the business. Over 40% of our current search optimization and social media integration and mobile applications clients have come through our agency partners. The agencies have recommended our recruiting optimization, social media integration and mobile recruiting services to their clients with the confidence that goals will be reached. Recruitment advertising agencies are independent from OptiJob and their recommendations to their clients are taken very seriously. We work tirelessly to insure that our agencies shine. Call us today; we could always use some friends!


We have established successful partnerships with a variety of businesses in the Staffing and Recruiting, Employer Services (Payroll, HRM, EBA etc) Search Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Mobile and Healthcare sectors. We are looking for more partners to market our mobile and web-based recruiting products to expand our reach in these areas with a focus on the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


Organizations with an established client base in these industries should contact OptiJob today. Our partner program is an opportunity for new revenue streams as well as a method of securing relationships by bringing your clients another valuable service offering. We are actively looking for reputable partners in the following areas:


  1. Payroll Services
  2. Applicant Tracking Services
  3. Recruitment Software
  4. Healthcare Information Systems
  5. SEO,SEM,SMO providers
  6. Business Intelligence providers
  7. Leading niche job boards - biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceutical and technical sectors


Our reseller program involves a significant amount of work and a commitment on both sides of the partnership. OptiJob provides, product and industry training, marketing and promotional programs and extensive client support to support sales efforts.


We hold our partners in high esteem and we go to great lengths to assure our partners that client relationships are our first priority. We want the experience to be more than an opportunity to increase revenue. We want your clients to thank you, for keeping them informed of the changes in the recruiting landscape and the optimum remedies to maximize the opportunities of change. Call us today for more information or use our contact form here.


OptiJob carefully selects its Technology Partners after a long research and selection process.  We are often faced with the challenge of making the decision to build or buy. With the endless technologies that have been created over the past decade we often find a partner with expertise and services in the area required.  Naturally, OptiJob's core vital technology is proprietary and home grown.  We look for partners that may complement this technology and/or support our business processes in order for to focus on expanding our own service offerings.  There are certain times when it just make better sense to partner with a proven technology provider than tackle projects outside of our sweet spot.  It keeps us focused on what we know best, search optimization, social media optimization and mobile recruiting services.


These companies have helped us become more efficient and more productive while allowing us to focus on the growth of our business.  Please visit their websites to learn how they may help you in the future.


"Our business is very focused and OptiJob came through with traffic that we never had before. OptiJob has delivered consistent traffic from Google and Yahoo for applicants that match our job openings in Clinical Research. The best part is we didn't have to do a thing!"

Phillip S
Pharmaceutical Clinical Associates


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