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“We are a hard working, solution minded team that knows how to maximize recruiting opportunities by using search, social media and mobile recruiting to meet recruiting challenges.”


Founded in 2006, OptiJob helps companies understand then maximize recruiting opportunities by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video, social media and mobile devices in their overall interactive recruiting plans. At the forefront of OptiJob's services is a proprietary SEO platform that distributes jobs to the major search engines and beyond. For over ten years, the founders owned and operated a number of successful job boards and social communities in the technical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. "We paid SEO firms hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years because we thought it was far too complex to bring in house. The best decision we made as a company was to bite the bullet, learn it and learn it well. We knew that the average recruiter and human resource professional was far too busy to bring SEO in-house so we created OptiJob as a cost effective approach to solve the problem".



Who is OptiJob

We’re a solution-minded team with loads of HR, recruiting, event management and labor intelligence experience. Our group has created and operated several major job boards, online communities and even labor intelligence services for the Department of Labor.


Our labor intelligence has also been an integral part for several State Labor Departments, many counties throughout the United States and a long prestigious list of Colleges and Universities. It's all kind of a blur, but we also hosted over 250 recruiting events around the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We even published a popular magazine in the Biotechnology industry for a while, but we bit off more than we could chew on that one; man that was a mountain of work. We love what we do, we know what we do best and we do it well. We are your partners to navigate the ever changing world of recruiting, networking and sourcing world. It changes day by day and you need a team that can help you learn and understand the many opportunities that search, social media and mobile devices have created.


We simplify the process, we shorten the learning curve, we work with you, we listen and we provide you what you need, nothing more. We build trust and the only way to gain your trust is by our performance. We build loyalty, we nurture our audience and we secure and expand our relationships through networking. Our approach took us from nothing to over 2500 clients in less than 5 years and we have 1000s of friends out there that made it happen. We plan to do it again, one client, one relationship at a time. That's pretty much who we are. In short, we know our stuff and we can help as we have helped.

Where is OptiJob going

That’s a good question. Above all else we plan to stay at the forefront of recruitment technologies. We plan to expand our business by building trust in the industry and offering solutions that help our clients become search, social and mobile recruiting experts. We plan to simplify the processes and demystify the "Science" of SEO, Social Media and Mobile Recruiting because after all everyone thinks it’s more complicated than it really is. We plan to make talent acquisition easier and more fun. We plan to help companies break down the barriers between jobseekers and employers while making companies more approachable. We want our clients to spend more time with their most important asset, the people. The people that make it happen by getting up every morning to tackle another day. Okay we know it sounds idealistic but on some level it’s completely possible. Most importantly we plan to continue to go to Happy Hour every Friday. Come join us.

OptiJob Where have we been

OptiJob is comprised of a team of talented minds that met while working long days and nights at Career Innovations, the group’s first successful entrepreneurial venture. This team never took credit or claimed to be the first group to host a virtual career fair, but they did, as part of the live HireTech career fair way back in 1997. "Exhibitors would actually request paper copies of candidates’ resumes and with over 50 companies, 1000s of candidates and 3 page resumes, it just didn't seem real green". So maybe the first Green company too?


The nucleus of the group has stayed together over the years. OptiJob, hatched ten years to the day after Career Innovations was formed, is their latest recruiting innovation. OptiJob is focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for jobs, Social Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting and Talent Intelligence. We’ve already helped over 100 organizations harness the power of the internet, information, people and their connections.

Careers with OptiJob

Our ability to create innovative SEO, Social Media and Mobile Recruiting tools is dependent on the people on our team. We have an entrepreneurial approach to our business and everyone chips in, we would want you to do the same.


We want people that recognize the power that Social Media, Mobile Devices and Search Engines in our lives and in business. We want your creative thick skin and desire to achieve more, more anything, just more. We want contributors, but not experts set in their ways. We want coach-able team players, not prima donas.


We want honest hard working people that don't worry about failing. We want people that learn and don't make the same mistakes twice. We want "step up" people that can help us take our business to the next level. We want people that love competition!


We want people that can tell a story, yet they must be keen listeners.


Most importantly, we want someone we can respect and trust. We want real!


We're a lean team and we all pitch in to get it done, whatever "it" may be. This is not a 9-5, cube farm job. Our days fly by, because we’re always busy and we have a lot of fun. Two blocks to the beach, two minutes to happy hour.


If you are the real deal and not just someone that tells everyone they are, then please get in contact with us. The most efficient application process and most preferred is to visit our career site to view available positions and apply online. If you must call, be prepared to send a resume immediately after the call.


Come have some fun and do some work while you’re at it! We look forward to meeting you.


Best regards and good luck from all of us at OptiJob.


"We are always looking for new and innovative recruitment strategies to attract talent! With OptiJob's SEO approach, our jobs are getting the exposure on the internet and search engines which in turn delivers the best job applicants to BearingPoint's corporate career site"

Ric K
Talent Acquisition Manager
BearingPoint Management & Technology Consultants


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