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“We love numbers and we live on outcomes. Enjoy real-time access to deep performance metrics to track ROI.”


Have you ever wondered how applicants find your jobs? Where they are coming from? Why they are visiting? Do you know how long they stick around?


OptiJob’s real-time career center analytics will provide the answers you need to refine your recruiting message. You see everything, no more ROI guess work! We love numbers and we live on outcomes. It’s imperative to have the statistics available at all times to plot a successful search engine optimization, social media and mobile recruiting strategy. How else would you know what works and what doesn't?


We consistently track your performance metrics to ensure your jobs remain competitive in the evolving world of SEO and Social Media. While SEO and Social Media are not rocket science, it can feel like it without proper analytics. To keep a winning record, we need to have a flexible team, a solid SEO program and great analytics. And bingo - we have all three and then some.

analytics dashboard

Easily track key metrics in the OptiJob Analytics Dashboard. Dive deeper into visitor, search and referral data with our simple reporting interface. We look at everything in today's perspective, but you can run reports from any time frame you choose with data as far back as two years. The dashboard makes it easy to track key statistics that you monitor most, like apply clicks and job views. Of course, training and help are always an email or phone call away.

Analytics Filtering

analytics filter

Once you are acquainted with OptiJob's Analytics, you'll be able to filter and track just about anything you want. Where did visitors come from and what search keywords did they use to find you? What sources are most active over time? What amount of traffic do job aggregators and social media sites generate? Where did my jobs show up in Search Engine results? Identify free sources of traffic that you never knew existed and add them to your tracking tools. Evaluate job posting content performance and so much more…you’re getting excited aren’t you?



Analytics Tracking

analytics track

Who are the people that are interested in your jobs and your company, and how do you reach more of them? Create a reporting plan that enables you to spot trends and important performance statistics, like bounce rate and length of stay. You'll always know how your career center is performing and when issues are spotted, you'll be able to react immediately. The best part is that you learn more about your talent audience and their job search behavior.



"OptiJob is exactly what we had been looking for - a very cost effective and easy to implement SEO solution to drive quality applicants directly to Hyatt's corporate career center."

Randy G
Vice President Recruiting
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

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